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My Work

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Just 4 jax

 Justin, a hardworking husband and father, who loves to garden and build. He is all about bringing custom handcrafted solutions to your home, yard and garden with low build costs and creativity in mind so that you can get the most out of your spaces. 


The challenge in creating a strong, visually appealing, and functional piece is what he enjoys most and he is  eager to take on custom projects. 

project 3.1
Star dust and rocket fuel-02-min.png

Stardust & Rocket Fuel

A series of poetry and prose written by Collette Ellis. In this latest creative pursuit, Collette explores the nuance of deep loneliness, connection, relationships, and more.

Project 4

Cookbook Design

Eating Clean Made Easy

A cookbook written by two influencers that feature nutrition-packed, whole food-based recipes to help people feel good about what they eat.

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Project 5
vansaun poster-06-min.png

Bergen County Zoological Park 

General promotional posters that distinctly communicate the welcoming feeling and fun array of animals at Bergen County's Zoological Park.

projec 6

App Design

Chow Chooser

A solution to  ‘What should I (we) get to eat?’.  An app that takes dietary preferences, budget, and menu options from local restaurants into account and presents users with a list of tailored eatery options.  Avoid the hanger and let Chow Chooser pick the place to eat. 

1. Chow_chooser-01-min.png


From hobbyists painters to professional graphic designers to anyone who works with color, Colorblind is the perfect match-3, pastime game that helps hone color acuity and introduces players to color relativity.

Edgy Motivational Posters

For the people who are edgy, a little punk, yet also artful and expressive.  

These posters play with the cliché

idea of a motivational poster but are more  energetic thanks to their colorful language and design. 

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