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© 2023 by Taryn McManus and WIx

I'm Taryn

I am a Graphic Designer with a BFA in Visual Communication Design Studies, located just outside NYC. I specialize in crafting captivating web, branding, and marketing experiences.


I believe good design is defined by its ability to communicate ideas cleverly and succinctly, while captivating the viewer. This is where I excel.  Regardless of the project, my approach remains consistent:

  1. Identify the differentiating qualities and unique backstory of your company.

  2. Consider the key aspects of your vision for the project.

  3. Harness these factors to fuel creative development.


The result? A compelling, tailor-made design.


But my expertise extends beyond aesthetics. With a minor in business and a certificate in entrepreneurship, I understand the challenges and complexities that come with design and marketing. In fact, I utilized my diverse creative background to refine my skills as a graphic designer and inform my decisions as a marketer. My experience in fine art has imparted a meticulous focus on detail, form, and overall composition. Likewise, my participation in music and acting has provided me with the ability to create immersive experiences by harnessing the power of mood, tone, and storytelling. Over the past two years, I have actively applied these skills as a monetized content creator, making me an asset for content creation and social media management.


This comprehensive foundation sets me apart and lends me a holistic perspective that ensures I create designs that align seamlessly with your business goals.

Whether you're a business owner or an independent artist, I'm eager to apply this wealth of insight and deliver clever designs with an artisanal touch.

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