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‘What should I (we) get to eat?’, is a question posed between friends, family, significant others, or to ourselves. Unless answered quickly, it can otherwise lead to frustration, annoyance, and worst of all… hanger. Chow Chooser is the solution. By pooling menu options from local restaurants, dietary preferences, and budgets, Chow Chooser presents users with a series of dishes to swipe through and generates a shortlist of eateries for users to order from. Chow Chooser is great to use amongst groups (up to 6 people) as it can be used individually from each user’s phone. Lead a busy lifestyle? Travel often? No worries. Chow Chooser allows you to save restaurants to a favorites list that is organized by location. Avoid the hanger and let Chow Chooser pick the place.

A solution to  ‘What should I (we) get to eat?’.  An app that takes dietary preferences, budget, and menu options from local restaurants into account and presents users with a list of tailored eatery options.  Avoid the hanger and let Chow Chooser pick the place to eat. 
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